Meltblown cloth production line application range

Melt blown Machine (Melt blown Machine) is a product made of high melt index PP (polypropylene) as raw material and composite non-woven fabric. It is the core material of the mask. The diameter of the spinning fiber can reach 0.001-0.005 mm. It has many voids, fluffy structure, good wrinkle resistance, and has a unique capillary structure. The ultra-fine fibers increase the number and surface area of ​​fibers per unit area, so that the meltblown cloth has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. . Its main uses include air filtration, acid breaking liquid filtration, food hygiene filtration, industrial dust mask production, etc. In addition, it can also be used as medical and sanitary products, industrial precision wipes, thermal insulation materials, oil absorbing materials, battery separators, imitation leather base cloth and many more

Air purification field

Used for air purification filter element and air filtration, it has the advantages of low resistance, high strength, long service life and low price.

Medical field

Medical masks, dust masks, protective clothing, and SMS products compounded with spunbond fabrics to make surgical gowns and other medical supplies

Medical masks generally adopt a multi-layer structure, referred to as SMS structure: a single-layer spunbond layer (S) on both sides, a single-layer or multi-layer meltblown layer (M) in the middle, and the meltblown layer brings virus filtering to the mask. The main material is the Melt blown Machine in the middle, referred to as melt-blown cloth. Meltblown cloth is the core material of the mask. The meltblown cloth mainly uses polypropylene as the main raw material. It is melted and filtered by a screw extruder and extruded from the spinneret hole of the nozzle, and is subjected to high-speed hot air at the exit of the spinneret hole. The flow is sprayed to obtain ultra-fine short fibers that are stretched and formed, and the fiber diameter can reach 1 to 5 microns. It has many voids, fluffy structure and good wrinkle resistance. The ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of ​​fibers per unit area, so that the meltblown cloth has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. It can be used in air, liquid filter materials, isolation materials, absorbing materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials, oil absorbing materials and wiping cloths and other fields.

Filter material

With excellent filtration performance and good diaphragm material, it has been widely used in the field of filtering acid and alkaline liquids and oils

Industrial wipes

Relying on the adsorption of fine fibers as an oil-absorbing material, it is used in environmental protection projects, oil-water separation projects, and cleaning of oil and dust.

Thermal material

Meltblown fibers have large surface area and high porosity to prevent heat loss and are widely used in clothing and thermal insulation materials.

Health field

Suitable for diapers, incontinence pads, women’s sanitary napkins, wipes, shoe covers and other cleaning needs material applications

Decorative cloth

Household items: spring cloth, bedding, seat supplies, etc.

Industrial cloth

The field of mud bag automobile, bagging, geotextile wrapping cloth, agricultural protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc.

Packaging Supplies

Shopping bags, rice bags, tea bags, clothing packaging, etc.