The PP SSMMS spunmelt machine typically includes several key components


The extruder is used to melt and blend the polypropylene resin and other additives to create a homogenous melt.

Spinning beams

The spinning beams are used to distribute the melt evenly across the width of the machine and to create the desired weight and thickness of the non-woven fabric.


The spinnerets are plates with many small holes that are used to extrude the melt into fine fibers.

Quenching air

The quenching air is used to cool the fibers as they are extruded from the spinnerets, solidifying them and preventing them from sticking together.

Meltblown units

The meltblown units are used to produce the middle layer of the SSMMS fabric, which provides excellent filtration properties.

Calendering equipment

The calendering equipment is used to compress and bond the layers of the SSMMS fabric together, creating a smooth and uniform surface.

Winding equipment

The winding equipment is used to wind the finished SSMMS fabric onto a roll for further processing or shipment.

The PP SSMMS spunmelt machine requires precise control of the equipment and process parameters to ensure consistent and high-quality production of the non-woven fabric. The china PP SSMMS Spunmelt Machine specific equipment and process parameters used can vary depending on the specific application and requirements of the non-woven fabric. It is also important to china PP SSMMS Spunmelt Machine manufacturer use high-quality raw materials and to maintain strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the production of a high-quality product.