How to Purchase Right Nonwoven Machines

When you decide to invest in the nonwoven industry, you must consider purchasing nonwoven machines. However, you may be unsure of which types of machines to purchase. Take diapers as an example to gain a better understanding.

The top sheet, surge layer, absorbent core, leak guard, and back sheet are the main components of the diaper. Except for the absorbent core, all of the parts are made of nonwoven fabric.

Because it will be in direct contact with the child’s skin, the top sheet should be thin and soft. It asks for a hydrophilic treatment and stays dry. As a result, SSS nonwoven machine and hydrophilic nonwoven machine are excellent options.

The surge layer is slightly thicker. It is placed beneath the top sheet and above the absorbent core. Its function is to accept liquid from the top sheet. The urine should then be distributed as widely as possible to all sections of the absorbent core below. A hydrophilic treatment is required for the surge layer. As a result, as with the top sheet, I recommend both SSS nonwoven machines and hydrophilic nonwoven machines.

When the baby flips, the leak guard prevents side leakage. The SMS fabric has a unique and excellent water resistance property. It is critical to purchase an SMS nonwoven machine.

Finally, you must buy one SSS nonwoven machine, one SMS nonwoven machine, and one hydrophilic nonwoven machine. It’s a significant burden if you’re just starting out.

We have put together a budget for you. Simply purchase one SSMS and one hydrophilic nonwoven machine. It can perform the functions of SMS and SSS machines at a lower cost. What are your thoughts?

For the past 10 years, we have concentrated on developing nonwoven production lines. We strive to provide customers with high-quality equipment, affordable plans, and excellent after-sales service. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our machines.