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Guanlong non-textile technol co., ltd,quanzhou is specialized in the research and development, design and manufacture of nonwoven fabric’s production lines and machinery since founded in 2005. At present, Guanlong can customize S, SS, SSS, SMS, SMMS, SSMS, SSMMS nonwoven production lines and offer various holistic solutions of nylon spunbond, meltblown nonwoven production equipments.

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Guanlong’s quality policy: product is character, innovation is power, customer is standard. Please feel relax to contact us.





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Guanlong adheres to customer first, quality first, keeps pushing limits. After more than 10 years of practice and exploration, Guanlong has made marked achievements in quality and obtained consistent praise in the domestic and overseas’ spunbond industry. Our customers are located in various provinces in China.

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CE Certification and ISO:9001 management system

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​Our company has always adhered to the customer-oriented here to the “quality-oriented, service-oriented” business philosophy. We will, as always, adhere to the “Credit creates benefits, quality produces life” purposes. Quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise. Product is personality. Innovation is the driving force and Customers’ need is our standard. Attitude decides everything, details determine success or failure.

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500+ Lines


200+ Lines

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Guanlong lines have already been provided to over 30 countries and regions.


Over 800 Guanlong lines have been already installed worldwide.


Guanlong controls over 20 core technologies and technical patents of nonwoven lines.


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Cloths for Home Decoration

Wallpapers, Tableclothes, Sheet, Sofa covers, Bedcovers, etc.

Clothing And Shoes

Lining, adhesive lining, flocculating, stereotyped cotton, shoe laces, shoe covers, various synthetic leather bottom cloth, etc.

Agricultural And Industrial Fabrics

Road fabrics, waterproof roll materials, filter material, crop protection fabric, cultivation fabric, irrigation fabric, industrial and agricultural thermal insulated curtains.

Medical and Sanitary Supplies

Diapers, sanitary napkins, beauty & health, etc.


Non-woven eco-friendly bags, space cotton, thermal and sound insulation materials, linoleum-absorbing felt, cigarette filters, tea bags


Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Making Machines – Unveiling Innovation

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