PP SMS Spunmelt Fabric

PP SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond) fabric is a type of nonwoven fabric made from a combination of spunbond and meltblown technologies. The fabric consists of three layers: a top and bottom layer made of spunbond polypropylene and a middle layer made of meltblown polypropylene.

The spunbond layer provides the fabric with strength, while the meltblown layer provides filtration properties. The combination of the two layers makes PP SMS fabric suitable for a range of applications where filtration, liquid barrier, and breathability are essential.

The manufacturing process for PP SMS fabric involves the extrusion of polypropylene pellets into a molten state. The molten polypropylene is then extruded through a spinneret to create continuous filaments that are laid down onto a conveyor belt or drum. The meltblown layer is created by blowing hot air at high speeds to break up the filaments, creating very fine fibers. The meltblown fibers are then laid down between the two spunbond layers and bonded together using heat and pressure.

PP SMS fabric is commonly used in the medical industry for surgical gowns, drapes, and face masks due to its excellent barrier properties, fluid resistance, and breathability. It is also used in protective clothing, such as coveralls, and in the production of wipes, diapers, and other hygiene products. Additionally, PP SMS fabric is used in the industrial sector for its ability to filter out dust, bacteria, and other particles.

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