Non Woven Manufacturing Machine Introduce

Nov 4, 2022 | News

Basic process flow of non woven manufacturing machine is as flow:

  • Automatic non-woven manufacturing machine basic process flow:
  • Feeding (non-woven coil)
  • Fold
  • Ultrasonic bonding
  • Tailoring
  • Bag making (outlet)
  • Waste recycling
  • count
  • Stacking

The process can has fully automated time only need 1 ~ 2 people to operate. It’s in a certain range of production speed and product size using touch screen operation. Equipped with stepper fixed length, photoelectric tracking, automatic counting. Automatic drilling and other industrial control devices, colleagues in order to further achieve the effect of energy saving. And environmental protection in the production process with the residual material recovery function. The production of bag-making leftover waste automatically collected, help secondary use to reduce labor intensity and increase the efficiency of work.

Guanlong Manufacture Non Woven Fabric Making Machine

Features of Automatic Non-woven Manufacturing Machine

Advanced design technology, production speed, high efficiency, can process different specifications, different shapes of environmentally friendly non-woven bags, with good quality bonding strength and other characteristics.

  1. Non-woven bag edge: pressing the edge of non-woven bag;
  2. Non-woven bag embossing: non-woven bag upper and edge of the pattern pressure;
  3. Non – woven arm belt pressing: through the sleeve automatically pressing arm bag.

Equipment advantages

  1. The use of ultrasonic welding saves the trouble of changing the needle and thread frequently, and the textile can be neatly cut and sealed locally without the traditional suture broken joint. Stitching colleagues also played the role of decoration. Bonding strength can achieve the effect of waterproof embossing clear, the surface is more three-dimensional relief effect, the work speed is fast, the product effect is better and more high-grade appearance.
  2. The use of ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, sealing edge does not crack does not hurt the edge of the cloth, and there is no rough edge, crimping phenomenon.
  3. No preheating is required during manufacturing and can be operated continuously.
  4. The operation is simple, and the traditional sewing machine operation method is not much different, fully automatic equipment only need to understand the simple operation of knowledge can be directly started.
  5. Low cost 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machines and high efficiency.