PP non-woven fabrics will have the following quality problems

Mar 17, 2023 | News

Cutting corners

For example, if customers order 80g of cloth per square meter, these small businesses will use 70g of cloth per square meter in order to reduce costs. If the customer is not professional enough and does not have a special instrument for testing, it will not be found. Stealing weight is a direct method and one of the most used methods, which can effectively reduce costs.

Insufficient weight

The weight of non-woven fabrics can directly affect the weight of customers’ products. In the process of laying the net, the layers are uneven, which is caused by the lack of accurate links at both ends.

Uneven thickness

The uneven thickness of non-woven fabrics is also caused by uneven laying of fiber cotton when carding into a web, insufficient technical experience, and inaccurate pp nonwoven fabricating machine.

During the processing of PP non-woven fabrics, some serious quality problems often occur, which require china nonwoven fabric line supplier to pay attention, carefully analyze the quality problems in the non-woven fabric processing process, take appropriate solutions in time, and establish effective quality management System, thereby reducing the quality problems in the china nonwoven production line supplier processing of PP non-woven fabrics, and improving the product quality of non-woven fabrics!