Manufacturer Directly PP SSMS Spunmelt Non-woven Fabric Producing Plant

Model No.


Origin Place



500 m/min

Gram Weight

8-100 g/m2

Product Description

Guanlong has been focusing on non woven fabric production Lines for 15 years. We combine global advanced technology and the demand of customers’ production, provider and customize various holistic solutions for customers. We have manufactured hundreds of full-automatic production lines for customers worldwide.

Let’s discuss about the advantages of SSMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Machine.

1. About the design:

SSMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Machine is a composite line for nonwoven production which combines spunbond and meltblown manufacturing technique. SSMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Machine has four beams in production and can be customized for you according to your demands of production.
It adopts an intelligent electrical control cabinet and spinning drafting system. The system controlling mode features in advanced AC frequency-modulated speed, fully digital synchronized communications.
2. About the production process:

SSMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Machine is manufactured for PP/PET/PLA/Bi-Component spunmelt composite non-woven fabrics. After the raw materials input, go through extrusion melting, filtering, metering, spinning, cooling, stretching, web spreading, thermal bonding and cutting as per requirements and then packed for storage and delivery.
3. About the products of fabrics:

SSMS Nonwoven fabric is featured by excellent filtration, good breath-ability, and feeling, is widely used in the hygiene & medical industry to make surgical drapes, surgical packs, surgical gowns, disposable diapers, feminine care products, face masks and so on.

The main specifications of SSMS Spunmelt Nonwoven Machine:

Model No.GL-SSMS
SSMS(product width)1600 mm2400 mm3200 mm
Equipment size40x25x11 m40x26x11 m40x27x11 m
Speed500 m/min500 m/min500 m/min
Gram Weight8-100 g/m28-100 g/m28-100 g/m2
Yield(Products according to 40 g/m2)10-12 T/DAY16-18 T/DAY21-23 T/DAY


process flow:

Feeding→Extrusion Melting→filtering→metering→spinning→Cooling→Stretching →Web spreading→Thermal bonding→slitting→collecting

The performance parameters are as follows:

1.Total installed capacity of production line: 450KW

2.Actual power consumption: 220 ~ 280KW / hour
3.Mechanical linear speed: 4-20m / min
4.Width of finished product: 1600mm
5.Product weight: 8 ~ 120g / m2
6. Meltblown fiber: 2 ~ 5μm
7.CV of uniformity: ≤4%
8.Roll maximum diameter: 600mm
9. Maximum annual output: wire diameter: 330 years at 2 ~ 5μm.
10 The machine covers an area of about 15000mm * 5000mm * H5000mm,

11.Machine weight: about 13 tons (based on actual weight)
(1) 12. (Voltage: three-phase power 380V50Hz)
1.) Number of workers operating the production line:
Production is divided into two shifts of 3 people each: 1 auxiliary worker, 2 technical staff
2.) Equipment configuration is as follows:
3.1 host hopper (material: stainless steel, window with material level and insert plate,)
A vacuum automatic feeding machine, control power: 3KW

3.2 Extruder: φ90 extruder set (φ90 barrel and screw host platform)
1 set of 90mm barrel

Material: 38 CrMoLALA (high quality nitrided steel)
Nitriding hardness: 740HV
Nitrided layer depth: 0.5-0.8mm
Screw diameter: φ90mm
Screw aspect ratio: 30: 1
Screw form: special screw (suitable for PP solution spraying)
Material: 38rMo (high quality nitrided steel)
Nitriding hardness: 740HV
1 Set of host gearbox

Host motor power: 45KW

Control form: AC variable frequency control

Host heating zone: zone 5

Heating power per zone: 6.0KW (cast copper heater)

Total heating power: 32.5KW
Cooling method: air cooling
Air-cooled zone: Zone 5

Air cooling power per zone: 180W
4.) One set of single-channel dual-position hydraulic quick-change screen for the host (plate type)
Control method: hydraulic control
Control power: 2.2KW
Hydraulic cylinder bore: φ100mm