PP S Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

Product Description

Guanlong has been focusing on non woven fabric production Lines for 15 years. We combine global advanced technology and the demand of customers’ production, provider and customize various holistic solutions for customers. We have manufactured hundreds of full-automatic production lines for customers worldwide.

The following word will introduce the features of S Spunbond Nonwoven fabric:

1. S Spunbond Nonwoven fabric adopts an intelligent electrical control cabinet and spinning drafting system. The system controlling mode features in advanced AC frequency-modulated speed, fully digital synchronized communications.
2. S Spunbond Nonwoven fabric is featured by lower investment, compact construction, small covering area, and labor-saving.
3. S Spunbond Nonwoven fabric is a single-beam professional manufacturer of single-layer nonwoven fabric equipment which is manufactured for PP/PET/PLA/Bi-Component Spunbond nonwoven fabrics’ production. After the raw materials input, undergo the process of extrusion, spinning, quenching, closure air stretching, web formation, calendaring, winding and cutting as per requirements and then packed for storage and delivery.
4. As the fabrics have great intensity, good breath-ability, and good feeling, they are widely used for various fields such as home decoration, furniture covers, clothing shoe leather, industrial and agricultural protective covers, medical and sanitary supplies, beauty products and so on.

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