Why Melt Blown Air Heaters Are Used in Meltblown Machine?

Meltblown machine cloth heater is a kind of electric heating device which uses to heat gas in a cylindrical heat preservation container. The non-woven cloth heater has the characteristics of fast heating speed, good heat preservation performance and high heating temperature.

The heater is composed of body and control system. The heating parts are made of stainless steel tube as protective casing. High temperature electric resistance alloy wire crystallized magnesium oxide powder by compression process. In the control part, the advanced digital integrated circuit trigger and high reverse voltage thyristor use to make adjustable temperature measurement. And constant temperature system, which ensures the normal operation of the electric heater.

Melt Blown Cloth Heater Technical Features:

  1. It can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure.
  2. The thermal efficiency of melt-blown cloth heater is high, up to 95%, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 °C.
  3. The equipment size is small, the installation is more flexible. And it should installe near the heating equipment and the power is large.
  4. Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy, high comprehensive thermal efficiency.
  5. The melt-blown cloth heater has a wide application range and strong adaptability. It can apply to explosion-proof or ordinary occasions. Its explosion-proof grade can reach B and C grades, and its pressure can be 20Mpa. And according to the needs of users using vertical or horizontal cylinder installation.
  6. High heating temperature: The maximum operating temperature of the design can reach 650 ° C, which is not available in general heat exchangers.
  7. The melt-blown cloth heater has long service life and high reliability. It has composition of special electric heating material, and the design power load is conservative.

Why Melt Blown Air Heaters Uses in Meltblown Cloth Equipment?

Since the airflow pressure of the melt-blown airflow drafting system is higher, it requires a fan with higher output pressure. Roots fans, spiral fans, screw compressors are the more commonly used draft fans.

Which Meltblown Air Heater Performance to Choose?

The air gap of melt-blown components is small and the system resistance is large. In order to maintain a certain flow rate, it is necessary to choose the air compressor with high energy consumption and high pressure as the draft airflow pressure source. You would use a ducted air heater.

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What is the operating principle of a melt blown air heater?

In meltblown systems, most air heaters are electrically heated. Inside the heater housing made of stainless steel. The tubular electric heating element equips with a large number of stainless steel material. When it energize, the tube will heat up and exchange heat with the airflow sent by the fan. And the heat will transfer to the airflow, which becomes the high temperature draft airflow needed by the process.

What is the attention point of the melt-blown air heater?

  1. The heater control part is a precision instrument. Be careful when transporting. It strictly forbids to impact or hit.
  2. The cylinder part should hoist reasonably to avoid deformation and damage the internal heating element.
  3. The heater and control cabinet place in the library, and it strictly forbids to rain.

Technical Debugging of Meltblown Machine

The quality of meltblown cloth is more and more demanding. Here are some technical points of the meltblown machine in the production process of melt blowing cloth:

  1. Production equipment

As long as the following standards achieves to produce high-quality melt-blown cloth is not a problem. Its production equipment composition is not much to say that you all know. The extruder will melt the material. You have enough pressure to squeeze it out. The metering pump supplies mold melt continuously and stably. Uniform wire tapping and hot air. The heating tank can stabilize the heating air. The air supply equipment can have sufficient air volume and pressure. In fact, this is enough, many people say that the pressure should be more than 0.4 or even 0.6, in fact, no, the air volume is enough to be able to produce filaments. Electrostatic electret can hit above 60KV.

  1. Raw material

We use the basic material melt refers to the basic 1500, not less than 1200 on the line. Set the appropriate temperature according to the level of the melt. Electret masterbatch can have a continuous ability to lock electricity, there is no need to pursue organic inorganic.

  1. Adjusting machine

Equipment materials are no problem, to have a good technician to set the appropriate parameters of high-quality cloth out. The same equipment can use to set a variety of parameters to make the same quality of cloth, here will be a half time to say, you can send me a private letter according to their own situation.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Cloth hard or brittle toughness poor solution. Low temperature hardness increases air flow and air temperature and mold temperature to make the wire thin and soft. High temperature appropriate increase the receiving distance, increase the net transfer suction.

  1. Crystal point

The temperature is the main reason to cause the crystal point. The melt temperature is too high (viscosity is too thin) or too low (viscosity is too large). And observing the change of the mold temperature or the wind temperature adjust the crystal point. The second material is wet, open the dryer 75 ~ 90 degrees baking material on the line. Third, the hot air has large water content, and the water and gas separat before the air enters the heating tank.

  1. Filtration rate

The filter rate of the cloth itself, the filamentary filter effect is naturally improved. The second electrostatic electret and masterbatch with enough particle adsorption, the simplest test method cloth roll open about 20 cm can be their own absorption fit on the line.

In fact, it is not difficult to make high-quality cloth, as long as the equipment and materials are no problem. Other debugging on the two points of temperature and air volume with a good line.

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