A Reliable Provider Of Nonwoven Making Machinery – GLNON

Mar 29, 2024 | News

As the demand for nonwoven fabrics continues to grow, reliable manufacturers of nonwoven making machinery play a vital role in meeting this demand. Based in Jiangyin, China, GLNON is a leading provider of nonwoven production lines and equipment. With over 15 years of experience, GLNON has become a trusted partner for both new and established nonwoven machinery manufacturers globally.

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Nonwoven Production Process Expertise

GLNON has deep expertise across the main processes used to produce non woven fabrics – spunbonding, spunlace, melt-blown, airlaid and thermal bonding. Their airlaid and thermal bonding machinery lines are highly appreciated for quality and output rates. Customers also rely on GLNON’s spunbond and meltblown equipment to produce geotextiles, filtration media and hygiene materials efficiently.

GLNON works closely with customers during consultation and design to ensure machinery specifications match production needs. Key parameters like web width, output speed and required material properties are analyzed. This tailored approach helps customers launch new non-woven product lines smoothly and achieve their volume targets rapidly.

Wide Product Range

The comprehensive GLNON machinery range covers complete production line solutions as well as individual machines. This includes spunbonding and meltblowing systems, fiberlay and webforming lines, carding machines, thermal and sonic bonders, and winding and slitting rewinders.

Ancillary equipment like blending and compounding machines are also available to deliver turnkey solutions. With options for upgrades and custom configurations, GLNON satisfies varied production capacities from pilot to bulk industrial scales.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

All GLNON machinery undergoes rigorous testing to exceed industry standards. Components sourced from trusted brands help deliver robust, durable and precise machinery backed by a 2 year warranty as standard. Manufacturing follows the ISO 9001 quality management system too.

With a professional R&D team constantly innovating, GLNON introduces new machinery models every year to meet evolving industry 4.0 standards. Expert after-sales service and local representatives ensure smooth operations and quick issue resolutions worldwide.

Considering quality, cost competitiveness and wide options – GLNON has emerged as the preferred supplier of nonwoven making machines for major hygiene product and filtration media manufacturers across Asia and beyond. New ventures can approach GLNON to cost-effectively establish reliable nonwoven production capabilities.

In summary, as a specialized non-woven machinery provider focused on customer satisfaction, GLNON is highly recommended for businesses seeking energy efficient, high performance equipment to develop innovative nonwoven applications.