Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Making Machines for Reliable Production

Jun 5, 2023 | News

Nonwoven fabrics are porous sheets made from bonded fibers that are finding applications across industries for their usefulness and versatility. Spunbond nonwoven fabric making machines are specialized production systems used by manufacturers to economically produce consistent, high-quality spunbond nonwoven fabrics.

Spunbond technology extrudes continuous filaments or fibers directly onto a conveyor belt where they are bonded together using heat, pressure or adhesive. Spunbond nonwoven fabric making machines automate this process to create large volumes of nonwoven fabrics in a reliable, cost-effective manner.

Key Components Of These Machines Include:

PP SS SSS Nonwoven Fabric makding machine
  • Filament extruders – Melt polymer pellets and extrude continuous filaments through spinnerets.
  • Spinnerets – Consist of multiple nozzles that form the filaments through the extrusion of polymer melt.
  • Drawing devices – Attached to spinnerets to draw and orient the filaments.
  • Laying units – Deposit the filaments onto a conveyor belt in the desired web pattern.
  • Bonding units – Fuse the laid filaments together using techniques like through-air bonding, thermal bonding, needle punching etc.
  • Winder and rollers – Wind the finished nonwoven fabric in jumbo rolls for transportation.

Main Benefits Of Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Making Machines:

  • Continuous production allows output of several tons of nonwoven fabric per day.
  • Automated systems ensure uniform filament diameter, web weight and fabric properties.
  • Robust components and designs withstand the demands of continuous industrial production.
  • Higher throughput and uptime, combined with lower labor requirements, help keep manufacturing costs low.
  • The machine can produce a series of nonwovens by changing the spinneret design, bonding method, web pattern, etc.

Spunbonded Nonwoven Manufacturers With A Technologically Advanced Solution

Spunbond nonwoven fabric making machines provide spunbonded nonwoven manufacturers with a technologically advanced and economical solution for mass-producing nonwoven fabrics at large scales. The automation, versatility and high reliability of these machines enable consistent, high-quality production that meets market demand.