SSMMS Nonwoven Fabric Machines for Cost-Effective Production

Jun 6, 2023 | News

Nonwoven fabrics are versatile sheet materials made from bonded or entangled fibers. SSMMS nonwoven fabric machines utilize a combination of spunbond, meltblown and spunbond processes to manufacture multi-layer nonwoven fabrics in a continuous, cost-effective manner.

The SSMMS process involves:

PP SS SSS Nonwoven Fabric machine
  • Spunbond top and bottom layers – Continuous filaments are extruded and laid onto a conveyor belt to form a spunbond nonwoven web. This produces the top and bottom layers of the fabric.
  • Meltblown middle layer(s) – Microfibers are extruded through fine spinnerets and deposited between the spunbond layers. This adds strength, filtration and barrier properties.
  • Multi-layer bonding – The individual layers are bonded together using thermal, adhesive or ultrasonic methods to produce an integrated fabric.

SSMMS Nonwoven Fabric Machines Incorporate The Key Components Needed For Each Process:

  • Filament extruders for the spunbond layers
  • Microfiber extruders and spinnerets for the meltblown layers
  • Spunbond and meltblown depositing units positioned above the conveyor
  • Multi-layer bonding units after web formation
  • Winder and rollers for winding the finished fabric

Benefits of SSMMS Nonwoven Fabric Machines:

  • Continuous operation allows production of 10+ tons per day.
  • Combined processes reduce infrastructure needs and optimize costs.
  • Automated systems ensure uniform properties across multi-layer fabrics.
  • Components are designed to withstand the stresses of industrial production.
  • Machine settings can be adjusted to produce a range of nonwoven types for different applications.