Double Beams SS 100% PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Machine for Spun Bond SS Fabric

Fabric width

1600mm(Availed width)

Maximum winding diameter



According70 g/㎡,20t/24h

Monofilament size


Product Description

1.Product details

1-1:Main Technology data
1.Fabric width:1600mm(Availed width)
2.Maximum winding diameter:Φ2000MM
3.Capacity:According70 g/㎡,20t/24h
4.Monofilament size:<2.5d
5.Fabric weight:10~150g/㎡
6.Designed speed:350M/MIN ;(Working speed:300 M/MIN)
7.Product quality standard: According to the samples confirmed by both parties, according to the data confirmed by both parties.

1. SS Nonwoven Machine Adopts an intelligent electrical control cabinet and spinning drafting system. The system controlling mode features in advanced AC frequency-modulated speed, fully digital synchronized communications.

SS Nonwoven Machine is double-beam,owns obvious higher quality as well as obvious larger quantity in production than S Nonwoven Machine.
3.SS Nonwoven Machine runs in high efficiency and low power consumption. Based on the features above, SS Nonwoven Machine can help customers to save labor and wide compatibility with different high requirements of productions.1-3 production process
PP chips raw materil input → Melt extrusion → Spinning→ Quenching → Closure air stretching → web formation →Calendaring →winding→cutting

1-4 Technical Parameter

The main specifications of SS Spunbond Nonwoven Machine:
Model No.GL-SS
SMS(product width)1600 mm2400 mm3200 mm
Equipment size29x13x11 m30x14x11 m30x15x11 m
Speed350 m/min350 m/min350 m/min
Gram Weight10-150 g/m210-150 g/m210-150 g/m2
Yield(Products according to 40 g/m2)9-10 T/DAY13-14 T/DAY18-19 T/DAY


一,Raw material requirements

1.The main raw material is Poplypropylene. the technical indexes of Poplypropylene piece are as follows
Name Index Unit
Melting Point 164-170 ℃
Density 0.91 g/m³
Melt flow index 35±5 g/10min
Molecular weight distribution index <4
Isotacticity >96 %
Humidity <0.05 %
Ash content <0.025 %
2.According to the needs of production, we can add filler and color masterbatch
3.According to the product performance, it can increase the processing of functional raw materials to produce hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, flame retardant non-woven fabrics, antibacterial non-woven fabrics, etc.

2.Main parts

2.Air Expansion Shaft:3200X3 PCS
3.Max diameter of fabric roll:1500mm
4.Max. roll Weight:750KG


Speed:250 Meters/Min

1.The main driving roller is made of seamless steel tube
2.Cutting speed:800-1000m/min
3. Siemens Bede AC motor, 15kw * 1 set, Fuji variable frequency controller of Japan
4.Minimum cutting width: 100 mm
5.Maximum winding diameter: 1000mm
6.Number of slitting knives 16 sets
7. 3 carbon fiber gas expansion shafts

1.The speed of exhaust fan is adjustable2.Accessories: GD-SM-SO2 static mixer
3.Total air volume: 15000-23000 m³/ h
4.Air pressure regulator: Fuji Inverter(RKC-F900)
5.The fan power is 75KW * 1 set, 90kW * 1 set, including the exhaust pipe,and the suction air is discharged to the outdoor
6. The power of cold air fan is 75kw, 2sets, Siemens Bede motor is adopted

1. Cold water circulation system, cooling water pipeline and water tower
2. The head of the cryocompressor is made in Hanzhong, Taiwan,China,150T/H;
3.The water supply system is made of glass fiber, and the designed daily water consumption is about 1 cubic meter (mainly for cooling water supplement)

1.The high temperature calcined spinneret is used to melt a large amount of polymer on the parts and then flow into the collection container at the lower part of the furnace
2. Automatic integration, with low vacuum alarm, over temperature alarm, water cut-off alarm and other advanced safety protection devices

3.Utility requirements

1.Power consumption:the power of the whole machine is about 1816KW, and the working power is about 700KW

2.Buyer should prepared:
①Workshop requirements:length 32 m * width 20 m * high 12 m (only for production line space requirement, raw materials, finished products room, office need have extra)
②Power supply:380V50Hz;
③Water supply(city water),cistern : 30m³(Apply to cooling water
circulation system)
④Provide workers, forklift, forklift, crane and other transportation tools
⑤Provide raw materials required
during installation and commissioning
⑥All kinds of lubricating oil, grease and heat transfer oil
⑦Cable from the seller’s electric box to the electric control
⑧Prepare foundation, embedded plate of foundation and anchor bolts welded on embedded plate of foundation


The fabrics have greater intensity, better breath-ability, and better feeling, they are widely used for various fields such as medical and health, beauty care products, hygienic products, industrial and agricultural protective covers, parking linning and so on.

5.Company Profile:

Guanlong is one of the leading manufacturer of complete nonwoven line in China. We focus on manufacture,sale and research & development of nonwoven lines. We started working on manufacture of nonwoven lines in year 2005.

We mainly manufacture spunbond nonwoven lines such as single beam(S line), double beams(SS line) and three-beams(SSS line), spunmelt (spunbond & meltblown) nonwoven lines such as S,SS,SSS,SMS,SSMS,SMMS. SSMXS,The main width are 1600mm/2400mm/3200mm.The grammage range will be from 10gsm to 80gsm with high technical performance.

Meanwhile,we also provide the the related slitting machine, treated machine,perforated machine,stretch film wrapping machine, 2/3 layer laminated machine, PE coating machine etc. They are widely application to the hygiene,medical health care,industrial, agriculture, furniture,household,building, geotextile and filtration fields. Trust us, we are on the way to become your honest business partner!

6.our service

Pre-Sales One-stop Service
After-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support
*One year warranty
* Lastest industry trends
* Machine test video before delivery
* More fit bag making solution
English Manual. Electric Diagram
* Sample testing support
* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use
* view our Factory
the machine
Suggest layout support
*Engineers available to service machinery overseas

7.customer reference


1. Q:How long will your engineer reach our factory?
A:Within one week after everything ready (machine arrival your factory, non woven material,
power source, air compressor etc.Prepared)
2. Q:Does your engineer understand English?
A:Our engineers understand a little English. All our engineers have more than five years machine
installation experience.
3. Q:What should we charge for your engineer?
A:You should charge for the cost of our engineer’s air tickets, hotel, food, and also their salary
800CNY one day per person.
4. Q:How many days it will take for the intallation?
A: It will take around 45 days, depends on the machine type.
5. Q:How do we solve the machine problem after your engineer leaving?
A:Generally speaking, there will be no problem after finishing installation. In case you have any
problem, you can contact our sales at any time. Our engineers will take a solution video according
your description.